For Libra: Exploring the Sun’s Impact on Our Foundation of Fortune ( Apr 20 – May 21, 2023)

From April 20 to May 21, the Sun resides in Taurus. The Sun travels through the 12 zodiac signs evenly over the course of a year, providing people with a seasonal and fateful story. During the month when the Sun stays in Taurus, starting on April 20, it appears that the spotlight will be on the deep recesses of your heart if you are a Libra. The keyword “secret” comes to mind. There is a strong light on the hidden side rather than the surface, making it difficult to put into words and possibly even hard for you to feel. A mysterious premonition of a metamorphosis within yourself may also be on its way.

There’s a term called the unconscious mind, which refers to a psychological space that’s far deeper than what we are usually aware of in our hearts. In this space, there are no boundaries between oneself and others, and people are connected. As a result, by working with the unconscious mind, it is said that telepathic communication between hearts can occur. You may also

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