For Sagittarius: Exploring the Sun’s Impact on Our Foundation of Fortune ( Apr 20 – May 21, 2023)

From April 20 to May 21, the Sun will reside in Taurus. In astrology, the Sun is the base of all kinds of fortunes. For instance, Mars signifies passion, and Mercury governs communication. Each star has a particular fate genre, with the Sun ruling the base fortune of people and the world. This influence differs from individual fortunes such as love and wealth, as it affects the “foundation” of these fortunes. During its stay in each zodiac sign, the Sun, infused with the sign’s energy, imbues people with a powerful aura that forms their individual base.

Over this month, the “foundation” energy provided by the Sun will strongly influence the daily lives of Sagittarius. Picture your daily work, daily life, and daily routine evolving to the next level. The key here is not to underestimate the importance of everyday life. While ordinary routines may seem mundane, even a 1% change can bring about significant transformation in your fate. In this sense, this month should be seen as a period for moving your destiny by updating your everyday life.

Regarding the Sun, there is a notable star to pay attention to: Mercury, which governs communication and words. Mercury moves into Taurus on April 3 and remains there until June 11, with a retrograde period between April 21 and May 14. The Sun and Mercury will cooperate to update and brighten your everyday life during this time.

Moreover, this “Taurus season” will see numerous astrological events below:

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