For Capricorn: Jupiter Brings You Good Fortune and Expansion ( May 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024)

Jupiter is a planet that governs expansion, with the role of rapidly expanding various aspects of life. Often referred to as the planet of happiness, this is because Jupiter has the power to enlarge matters, money, and emotions, leading people to happiness. Jupiter stays in a zodiac sign for about a year, bringing the “fortune of expansion” to people according to that sign. The planet Jupiter continues its journey, granting us changing fortunes each year.

On May 16, 2023, this fortunate planet will move into Taurus. This significant shift happens about once a year, and until May 25, 2024, Jupiter will reside in this sign, bestowing the fortune of expansion upon each person. So, during this year, what will Jupiter expand and develop for you, a Capricorn?

It can be said that Jupiter will expand your “joy.” During this year, the blessings of Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, seem to strongly shine upon Capricorns. In other words, it’s the arrival of a lucky period! The expansion of “joy” gives a happy and optimistic image. While this is not incorrect, let’s delve a little deeper into the explanation. This “joy” expansion can also be rephrased as the expansion of “creativity.” The “joy” referred to here is not the kind you experience without doing anything. In reality, even if various things are obtained without any effort, there would be no joy in that. “Joy” is found in actively engaging with the world and discovering value from it. It’s essential to

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