For Pisces: Jupiter Brings You Good Fortune and Expansion ( May 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024)

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter moves into Taurus and remains in this sign until May 25, 2024. Jupiter, known as the planet of expansion, has the role of broadening various aspects of life at once. Often called the planet of happiness, this name comes from Jupiter’s ability to expand things like material possessions, emotions, and financial situations, leading people to happiness. Jupiter stays in one zodiac sign for about a year, bringing its “luck of expansion” in accordance with the sign. Continuously traveling and bringing us different fortunes each year, Jupiter is truly a unique celestial body.

So, what kind of luck and expansion will this planet of growth bring to Pisces from May 16, 2023, for one year? It is the ability to expand your “connections.” During this year, you will encounter various people, information, and events, and these encounters will lead to more new connections. In fact, you will experience many new interactions. This could happen at work or within your social circles. While love may arise from these situations, the tendency during this period is to visit you in the form of broader, more casual connections. At the center of this whirlpool is you. With you as the focal point, words fly, connections emerge, and new relationships are born.

This can also be considered a time when your words become more powerful. Your words will be stronger than usual, reaching further to people and deeper into their hearts. It is possible that your ideas or proposals will reach important figures in high positions. In your work, your plans may be more easily accepted, and in love, your feelings can be better understood by

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