For Taurus: The forms of passion Mars pours into you ( May 20 – July 10, 2023).

Mars stimulates your desires, pushing you towards what you want and what you think should be. This is a powerful force for accomplishing things. Various factors, such as assistance from others, timing, and luck, come into play when people achieve something, but what is most important is their own actions. And the driving force behind these actions is passion.

This passion-infusing Mars moves into Leo at 11:31 AM on May 20. Mars will spend approximately two months in Leo until July 10.

For you, Taurus, during these two months, you may find yourself wanting to protect and care for the things and people close to you, your cherished thoughts, or your safe havens more than usual. That’s because Mars’ energy is being poured into protecting, nurturing, or returning to the places and people that feel close and comforting. Perhaps unconsciously, you may start to act in a way that leads you to a “protected place.”

While this period primarily strengthens your desire for comfort and security, you may also experience anxiety if you find yourself in unstable situations. Furthermore, many people have experienced

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