For Gemini: The forms of passion Mars pours into you ( May 20 – July 10, 2023).

At 11:31 AM on May 20, Mars, the planet that infuses people with passion, moves into Leo. Mars takes approximately 687 days, or about 2 years, to complete its journey through the 12 zodiac signs. It will remain in Leo for nearly 2 months, until July 10.

Mars is a planet with intense energy. It was once considered a “malefic” planet due to its fierceness, but that’s not the case. Achieving anything in life requires not only support from others, timing, and luck but, most importantly, one’s own actions. Mars, the planet of passion, fuels these actions. It stimulates your desires, providing the powerful energy needed to accomplish things.

During this nearly 2-month period, Geminis like you will find their desire for social interaction heightened. This stems from a growing urge to know more about the people you interact with and the world surrounding you through communication.

You’ll want to understand someone’s emotions, learn the

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