For Virgo: The forms of passion Mars pours into you ( May 20 – July 10, 2023).

On May 20 at 11:31 AM, Mars, the planet that infuses passion into people, moves into Leo. Mars will remain in Leo for about two months, until July 10.

Mars stimulates your desires. It works to drive you towards what you want or where you believe you should be. This is a powerful force for achieving things. There are various factors involved in achieving something, such as support from others, timing, and luck, but what matters most is the person’s own actions. Mars, representing passion, is what prompts those actions.

However, for Virgo, during this period there is a hint that the passion and energy stimulated by Mars may lose direction. Rather than losing direction, it would be more accurate to say that you’ll be “exploring new directions.”

The impulses and desires Mars pours into you during this time are expected to be directed in various ways. But ultimately, through trial and error, it seems you’ll find a new path worth pouring your passion into. In other words, even if you lose direction temporarily, if you cling desperately to the real world, you have the potential to find new light.

Especially for Virgo, a change of

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