For Sagittarius: The forms of passion Mars pours into you ( May 20 – July 10, 2023).

On May 20 at 11:31 AM, Mars, the planet that infuses people with passion, moves into Leo. Mars will remain in Leo for approximately two months, until July 10.

Mars stimulates your desires. It drives you toward what you want and where you think you should be. This becomes a powerful force for achieving things. While various factors like support from others, timing, and luck play a role in accomplishment, ultimately, the most important thing is a person’s own actions. Mars and passion encourage these actions.

Sagittarius, in particular, will feel a surge of passion during this period to ascend the metaphorical staircase to “higher, distant places” under the influence of Mars. In other words, these two months mark a time when you should aim as high as possible. While the term “aim high” may sound negative at first, you cannot reach greater heights without first raising your gaze. This is a time to direct your attention to places higher and further away than usual, and it is also a period in which you should do so.

The “higher places” mentioned here represent worlds beyond your everyday life. For example, these might include “service” beyond “economics,” or “philosophy” and “spirituality” beyond “science,” referring to lofty worlds transcending our worldly existence. It could also be described as

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