For Capricorn: The forms of passion Mars pours into you ( May 20 – July 10, 2023).

At 11:31 AM on May 20, Mars, the planet that infuses people with passion, moves into Leo. Mars will stay in Leo for about two months, until July 10.

Mars governs desire. It stimulates and drives you toward what you want and where you think things should be. Moreover, this creates a very strong force for accomplishing things. To achieve something, various factors such as support from others, timing, and luck come into play, but most importantly, it’s the person’s own actions that matter. And what promotes that action is Mars, synonymous with passion.

During these two months, the passion stirred by Mars will be poured into the “hidden places” of Capricorn. This time, Mars’ passion seems to seek something beyond everyday life. For example, it is anticipated that you will experience “an increase in physical desires” and “a growing interest in secrets.”

The “hidden places” mentioned here mainly refer to sexual matters. In short, not only does sexual desire increase, but this may also lead to hidden encounters related to love. This is more about intense hidden passions, such as affairs or infidelity, rather than bright and happy romances influenced by Venus.

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