For Taurus: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun ( May 21 – June 21, 2023).

From May 21 to June 21, the Sun resides in Gemini. Until just before this period, the Sun was in your sign, Taurus. You should have celebrated your birthday during the past month. The Sun takes a year to travel through all 12 zodiac signs, spending about one month in each sign. For you, the past month was the time when the Sun returned to your sign after 12 months. This phenomenon, when the Sun returns to the position it occupied at the time of your birth, is called the Solar Return. It signifies the completion of the Sun’s year-long journey and the beginning of a new cycle as you grow a year older and are reborn.

Every Taurus experienced this Solar Return during the past month. The following month is the time for the reborn you to take new steps in society. During this month, you, as a Taurus, will particularly see a boost in work-related fortune. This is not just about money, but also about

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