For Gemini: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun ( May 21 – June 21, 2023).

On May 21, the Sun enters your zodiac sign, Gemini. The Sun continues its journey to complete a full circle around the 12 zodiac signs in 365 days. When the Sun returns to the position it occupied when a person was born, it’s called a “Solar Return.” This signifies the Sun coming back to its birthplace after completing its yearly journey, marking a person’s advancement in age and a rebirth of sorts. The Solar Return (almost) coincides with one’s birthday, and for Geminis, this period will be experienced sometime within the month following May 21. This month, including the Solar Return, is a strong period of good fortune for Geminis, as the Sun’s energy shines directly upon them, making it the “Gemini Season.”

During this “Gemini Season,” when the spotlight is on you, it’s also a time for the things you’ve done and the efforts you’ve put in to bear fruit. If you’ve been slowly and steadily pursuing something, even over the course of years, there’s a hint that

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