For Libra: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun ( May 21 – June 21, 2023).

On May 21, the Sun will move into Gemini. It will remain there for a month until June 21, shaping the foundational luck of people. The Sun, which evenly circles the 12 constellations over about 365 days, plays a role in bringing time to people. For example, planets like Saturn and Jupiter take 12 to 30 years to travel through the 12 constellations, and their influence slowly affects people. On the other hand, the Sun moves through the constellations at a rate of once a month, shaping the luck of daily life at a more fundamental level. From May 21 for a month, thanks to the Sun’s work, you, a Libra, are likely to experience an increased longing for the unknown and a desire for distant places.

For example, during this month, it’s possible that you may meet foreign acquaintances through social media, encounter foreign movies and music, resonate with spiritual ideas that were previously unfamiliar, or start to notice people of a type you hadn’t considered before in your daily life.

In other words, while the Sun stays in Gemini, you, a Libra, will be connected to the unknown. The unknown can refer to places you’ve never been to before, such as abroad. Even if you don’t actually go overseas, you may become connected to foreign news or items. You might also establish connections with people or interests that have been unknown to you in your life, such as those you don’t usually interact with. It can also be considered as something far from reality, such as

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