For Aquarius: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun ( May 21 – June 21, 2023).

On May 21, the Sun moves into Gemini, where it will stay until June 21, infusing the world with the essence of Gemini.

During this month, the theme of “fun” brought by the Sun resonates with the fortune of Aquarius. By pouring pure thoughts and passion into various aspects of life, you can experience different forms of “fun” from people and the world around you. This is likely to lead to pure and intense romantic luck – a major characteristic of this month.

The Sun during this period is also just before the summer solstice. June 21, when the Sun leaves Gemini, is the summer solstice, when daytime hours are the longest in the year. This means that, throughout this month, the Sun’s energy will increase as it heads towards the peak of the solstice. The growing power of the Sun will shower upon you, especially strengthening and deepening the bonds with those close to you and your loved ones. Some people may feel a warm sensation as the Sun melts away emotional barriers and brings them closer to others.

This connection is more akin to the bond between family members, rather than a romantic relationship based on

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