For Pisces: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun ( May 21 – June 21, 2023).

On May 21, the Sun moves into Gemini, where it will remain until June 21. Over this month, the Sun’s energy will arrange circumstances to bring you, Pisces, a sense of “comfort.” You’ll likely find yourself in situations where you discover places of relaxation, pleasant people, and events that put your mind at ease.

How this unfolds varies from person to person. For some, work may settle into a comfortable routine, and financial security could be attained. For others, relationships with reliable friends or family members may strengthen, or you may find yourself able to work comfortably from home. Your unique skills and talents may come into play in the current social landscape. And for some, the bond with a romantic partner may deepen, potentially leading to a shift in mindset from dating to marriage. The Sun works behind the scenes to bring this sense of “comfort” to each Pisces, depending on their specific circumstances.

Astrologically, the Sun is a foundational celestial body. While planets such as Mars govern passion and Mercury governs communication, the Sun rules over the base fortune of people and society as a whole. It influences the underlying fortune that supports individual aspects such as love and

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