Cancer Horoscope: Week of May 22-28, 2023

Just last week, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, made its annual sign shift. This week could well be the first week of newfound luck.

Jupiter sparks a wave of freedom. You’ll connect with new people, encounter fresh ideas, and sense new trends in the world. This newfound freedom of interaction may give birth to some form of achievement at work, participation in a new community, or even novel communication with a lover. This week, under the influence of Jupiter, your desire for freedom in your everyday life is likely to intensify.

This is also a week where energy related to new encounters and love affairs strengthens. A new wind that breaks with past patterns seems to be blowing in your direction. Changing your hairstyle or fashion taste could alter the circumstances around you, and you might discover an unexpected charm in a friend you interact with daily, causing your heart to flutter. What’s important is to free yourself from preconceptions, that is, to liberate yourself from your past self. By doing so,

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