Virgo Horoscope: Week of May 22-28, 2023

What awaits you this week can be likened to the sensation of walking through a forest at night. Just as you would check your footing and pay attention to the sounds and scents around you while moving through the darkness, you will need to navigate your daily life relying on past experiences and intuition. Above all, it’s crucial to seek out new possibilities that differ from before. You might discover hidden potential in the things you’ve lost or been hurt by in the past. By moving carefully, you can find opportunities to forge new connections.

It’s important to become sensitive to subtle changes and feelings of discomfort. These could be slight changes in a friend’s expression during a conversation, a shift in a client’s attitude at work, or fluctuations in the sales or reviews of a product you handle. The world is full of signals, and you’re deciphering them as you continue your journey through life. Sensing these small changes can lead to

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