Scorpio Horoscope: Week of May 22-28, 2023

Just as a single seed falling on the earth grows into a large tree by receiving water and light, our dreams and goals approach fruition by obtaining support from our environment and the people around us. While your own strength is necessary to realize your dreams, having someone extend a hand during tough times can be an enormous encouragement.

For Scorpio this week, there are hints of such aid coming your way. The effort you’ve put in so far, the tears and sweat you’ve shed, may move someone’s heart. The spotlight could fall on the work you’ve done for an organization, or for someone else, prompting people to rally to your side. Last week, Jupiter, the planet of luck, underwent its once-a-year zodiac sign shift, altering the shape of people’s fortune. You too are now embarking on a new path of luck, hinting that this fortune could lead to significant encounters.

Your fortune this week could very well be the first step towards that significant encounter. Since it’s only

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