Virgo Horoscope: Week of Aug 21-27, 2023

The Sun strongly illuminates the world, and you as well. Over the course of a year, the Sun makes its way evenly through the 12 zodiac signs, bringing seasons to the world and marking time for people. It creates what can be referred to as the rhythm of the Earth, shaping the pace of daily fortunes. This week, Virgo, you will be entering the center of this groove.

From August 23, the Sun will reside in Virgo. Yes, the “Season of Virgo” arrives, during which the Sun, the core of astrology, shines directly on you. This is a time when you seem to synchronize with the pulse of society. The midsummer sun strongly moves society, and its changes affect people in various ways. But for Virgo, you should be able to incorporate societal changes within yourself. In other words, you can move in a way that makes society and yourself one unified whole.

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