Aug 28, Uranus Begins Its Retrograde! As Society Trembles, The Path of “Transformation” Emerges.

Uranus is the planet of transformation. It brings transformation to people, society, and the world, not just small changes in daily life, but significant transformations that take as long as 8 years. Since Uranus moved into Taurus in 2018 (and later briefly returned to Aries), it has remained in Taurus, and is expected to stay there until 2026.

What Uranus brings in terms of “transformation” means a change in the “concepts” shared by people. When these “concepts” that have been taken for granted change, the framework of society changes, and the way people live changes too. Society is established by the integration of various concepts and words. We humans become social entities by sharing these concepts. When this “concept” changes, society suddenly begins to tremble. Naturally, those of us participating in society will be affected and shaken as well. Uranus plays its role here. By bringing transformation to “concepts,” it shakes society, leading to a new era and elevating those who resonate with the new era to the forefront of society.

Now, society has entered a turbulent era. Uranus is shaking the “concepts” we have taken for granted, calling in a new era. The impact of Uranus’s retrograde.

From August 28, 2023, to January 27, 2024, a period of 5 months, Uranus will be in retrograde. What will Uranus do during this retrograde period? It is a time when the tuning of “transformation” takes place. When a planet goes retrograde, the fate it governs enters an adjustment period. This can be likened to shaking off the sediment that has accumulated through its usual movement, a sort of “fate’s stretch.” It’s like stretching muscles and joints in an unused direction, rewinding to a state that resonates more profoundly with true destiny. That’s the meaning of a planet going retrograde. This adjustment of “transformation” could be interpreted as an increase in confusion for both society and individuals. Stronger adjustment is required to guide “transformation” in the right direction.

However, this is not something to worry about at the daily life level. As mentioned, Uranus brings about “transformation” over a long period, so its direct impact is rarely felt daily, and the same can be said about its retrograde. Still, it might be said that the direction of the transformation that’s occurring over the long 8-year period can be more clearly perceived. You might even feel the transforming power of Uranus through some small events.

In conclusion, the 5-month period of Uranus in retrograde seems to offer more clarity about the “transformation” you are currently experiencing. Understand it as a signpost for walking this path of transformation that continues until 2026.

In the following articles, we will explain the “transformation” that Uranus brings for each of the 12 zodiac signs, and the meaning of this retrograde. Society is currently in turmoil. People are forced to change in these circumstances. Destiny is calling for “transformation.”

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