Leo Horoscope: Week of Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2023

Those of Leo are inherently destined to walk the main streets and avenues, proudly progressing on a path that stretches straight toward their goals. It’s not about skillfully seeking shortcuts or back alleys; it’s a proud fate of direct advancement.

However, it’s also true that we live in a world where such straightforward progression can’t be sustained at all times. In these complex times, always acting on the front stage carries a significant risk, and taking such a stance may lead to others speaking ill behind your back. What’s crucial is having the shrewdness to advance towards your goal without sacrificing yourself, even as you know that your destiny’s essence lies in shining on the public stage. The front stage and the backstage each require the other. Just as light creates shadows, the glamour of the front stage is supported by the work that must happen behind the scenes.

For those of Leo, the Super Moon on August 30

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