Aquarius Horoscope: Week of Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2023

This week, on August 30, a Super Moon will be born. A Super Moon refers to the phenomenon when the moon becomes full as it comes particularly close to Earth. During this time, the moon appears larger and brighter to us, coming closer than usual. The Super Moon at the end of this month is filled with a warmth that gently envelopes the turbulence thus far.

This enormous full moon coincides with Saturn, the planet of trials. What this means is that this Super Moon is a large-scale full moon, encapsulating the difficulties brought to people over the past few years. For Aquarius, this Super Moon will shine especially bright.

An event that makes you feel some sort of “end” might occur. This doesn’t mean in a negative sense but rather in a proud “ending,” mixed with a sense of relief and fulfillment, like when a significant, painstaking job comes to a close.

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