Pisces Horoscope: Week of Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2023

This week, August ends, and September begins. In conjunction with this, two significant astrological events will occur this week. Uranus will begin its retrograde on August 28, and a Supermoon will be born on August 30. With the beginning of the new month, it feels like the universe is shifting into a new chapter.

Especially for you, Pisces, this Supermoon is likely to be something special. This gigantic full moon will be born in Pisces, your very own star sign. A full moon changes signs constantly, and it is born in a particular sign only once a year. This week, when the once-a-year full moon in Pisces becomes a Supermoon, your efforts so far will shine brightly.

If there are things you’ve been dedicated to, struggled with, or challenged,

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