For Taurus: September 2023 Horoscope

This September brings crucial planetary movement for Taurus. Specifically, Jupiter is in retrograde from September 4 to December 30. Retrograde refers to the phenomenon where a planet appears to move in the opposite direction, indicating a period when the fate governed by that planet is adjusted. Jupiter, a planet that bestows luck and expansion on people, means that this period is one of adjusting happiness. However, that doesn’t necessarily imply that things will stagnate. Rather, by moving in the opposite direction to its original motion, fate is stimulated, and further possibilities are broadened. Since this movement occurs precisely in the domain of Taurus, those of you who are Taurus will experience a new world unfolding in the foundations and everyday life. Being naturally generous, you should be able to build smooth relationships based on trust. During this period, your charm will spread widely around you, and connections with the outside world will likely grow. You may also find yourself more conscious of your “public face” and “private face.” You have firm values, but

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