For Cancer: September 2023 Horoscope

Your September will be brimming with intellectual curiosity, enabling you to expand your range of activities according to your interests and inclinations. This is because the Sun, which governs your daily general fortune, is residing in the area that represents intellect and communication for Cancer. Inspired by this influence, your already rich sensibility as a Cancer will be further sharpened, and your consciousness will be drawn to areas you haven’t explored before. “Learning” will become a significant theme; beginning to study for qualification exams or attending hobby clubs and cultural centers are recommended. Not only will you absorb new knowledge, but you’ll also start connecting with people from various fields. Your enthusiastic attitude and smart demeanor will attract attention. Particularly from September 15, when Mercury goes direct, it will be the perfect timing to expand your relationships. This “expansion” will be one of the big themes during this period, especially since Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, starts its retrograde in Taurus from September 4 to December 30.

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