For Virgo: September 2023 Horoscope

This September is set to be a time filled with good fortune for Virgo. The reason for this is the Sun, which governs the overall luck of all matters, stays in Virgo. Because of this, both your personal and professional life should progress smoothly. If you have been dealing with worries, anxieties, or concerns, you’ll naturally feel them clear away and your outlook brighten. If there are jobs you want to take on, hobbies that intrigue you, or lessons you’d like to start, now is the perfect time to begin. Relationships, whether romantic or interpersonal, also move along smoothly, so if you have something you want to share, go ahead and open up. Those around you will surely listen earnestly to what you have to say. Typically, Virgos tend to support others behind the scenes and are often devoted types. However, during this period, have confidence in yourself and be more proactive in expressing yourself. Not only will this new side of you attract those around you, but you will also discover untapped talents and potential that will expand.

This “expansion” will be a big theme going forward. This is because Jupiter, the planet that governs luck and expansion, will

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