For Scorpio: September 2023 Horoscope

For Scorpio, you can broaden your connections and enrich your network throughout September. The star is backing your connections with people during this period. Scorpios are naturally strong-willed, and they like to thoroughly pursue anything that catches their interest. During this time, not only will your inherent traits be fully expressed, but you are also likely to find companions to pursue things together. Share thoughts with those who hold similar values, or strive to achieve results with those who share the same goals. Moreover, you will connect with those you haven’t been involved with before or those who are active in entirely different fields. Thus, you’ll touch a whole new world and can absorb all kinds of knowledge. During this time, “expansion” becomes a major theme, and your network, the world you can gain from it, and the knowledge will continue to grow and become your assets in the future.

This “expansion” and “happiness” fall under the domain of Jupiter, but

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