For Capricorn: September 2023 Horoscope

This September, Capricorn, you will break out of your shell and awaken new aspects and talents that have lain dormant within you. The reason for this is the sun, which governs your everyday overall luck and shapes the foundation of things, is shining a spotlight on your sense of adventure and curiosity. By nature, you, Capricorn, are serious and able to patiently build up effort. You can discipline yourself strictly and proceed with things carefully. However, during this period, you’ll find more instances where you’re required to act in a way that’s completely opposite to your usual self. You may initially feel confused when faced with situations that require agility and a sense of speed, but please take bold action. Worrying and overthinking won’t get you started; first and foremost, just try. You may find that things proceed smoothly, boosting your confidence and allowing you to taste new enjoyment and satisfaction. Thus, you’ll be able to expand your range of activities and the work you can do. By adopting different approaches, you can also become active in various fields. Particularly, as Mercury begins its direct motion from September 15,

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