For Aquarius: September 2023 Horoscope

Aquarius, this September is a time for you to deepen your thinking about relationships with others. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean expanding your social network or growing closer and more intimate with those around you. Instead, you are to explore a comfortable distance and an approach to others that doesn’t impose a burden, constructing appropriate relationships that reflect individuality. In other words, the theme now is “how to connect with others.” Reevaluate your relationships with family, partners, friends, and colleagues, those with whom you usually interact. Do you feel a bit of discomfort, or are you harboring unspoken dissatisfaction? If left unaddressed, the gap may widen further, so take some small action now. Thoroughly discussing it or taking a distance until things calm down depends on your relationship with the other person. Conversely, now is also the time to express unspoken gratitude, love, and compliments, especially with your partner or crush. Signs indicate deepening trust and bonds. Find something you can respect in the other person, and consciously nurture a mental connection. In your work, “sharing and handing over” will also become a theme.

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