For Leo: The Gifts of Jupiter in Retrograde to You (Sep 4 – Dec 30, 2023)

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter moved to Taurus and will remain in this sign until May 25, 2024. As the planet of expansion, Jupiter plays the role of broadening things swiftly. Often referred to as the planet of happiness, this is because Jupiter magnifies matters, money, and emotions, leading people to happiness. Jupiter stays in one sign for about a year, bringing “expansion of fortune” according to that sign to everyone. Thus, Jupiter is the planet that continues its journey, bringing us changing luck each year.

However, the fortune and expansion of this year won’t be on a straight path. That’s because at some point, Jupiter goes retrograde. This time, it will go retrograde from September 4 to December 30, 2023, approximately for 4 months.

Retrograde is a phenomenon where a planet appears to move backward (to be precise, from Earth, it appears to move in the opposite direction). In astrology, this retrograde movement holds deep significance. A period when a planet moves in a direction opposite to its usual path is seen as a time to adjust one’s current destiny. It can be likened to a “Destiny’s Stretch”. Just as stretching involves moving muscles or joints in a direction different from the usual to increase their range of motion, similarly, when planets move in the opposite direction, they stimulate our destiny, attempting to regain their original path.

Retrograde also implies a “return to the past”. It’s a period when you might re-encounter challenges that weren’t resolved in the past or meet people you were supposed to meet. It could essentially be called a “period of redoing good fortune”.

In the following sections, we will discuss:

① The luck and expansion that Jupiter brings to Leo from May 16, 2023, over the year.

② The “Destiny’s Stretch” brought by the retrograde period from September 4 to December 30, 2023.

Retrograde is not something to fear, and it’s fundamentally positive. The sediments accumulated in the gears of fortune by the usual movement get shaken off by the stimulation of the retrograde. Please spend these 4 months with the image of your luck aligned with destiny being polished anew.

① The luck and expansion brought to Leo by Jupiter from May 16, 2023, over the year.

Jupiter is often referred to as the planet that governs luck and expansion. Under Jupiter’s influence, there’s a perception that everything it touches seemingly magnifies. For instance, when Jupiter influences your career, sales and the number of people involved noticeably increase. Similarly, when Jupiter impacts your love life, the feelings of affection grow. Beyond that, Jupiter’s amplifying effects reach aspects like finances, friendships, family interactions, and personal missions. It feels as if feelings of happiness are multiplying at an impressive rate; that’s the kind of joyful influence Jupiter provides.

So, what aspects of Leo will Jupiter magnify and develop over the next year? The answer is clear: it promises an increase in “social success!” More precisely, there’s an upcoming trend where your social stature is set to expand significantly. Especially in the professional realm, a strong tailwind of opportunities is anticipated.

As mentioned, Jupiter governs luck and expansion. This can manifest as the growth of your current job, an increase in profits derived from it, or an expansion of the connections made therein. It might also mean that the recognition you garner in that role will grow. Even though work is multifaceted, it appears Jupiter is set to lend its energy to amplify the aspects you desire this year.

It’s a year with strong career fortunes. Various opportunities will revolve around you, attracting a diverse set of individuals, and unexpected events will likely expand your business prospects. You may find yourself receiving significant praise, possibly resulting in a promotion or pay raise. Beyond that, some might find their current organization or company limiting, leading them to contemplate a job change or even venturing out independently. However, with these changes come inherent frictions. The sheer strength of the expansion and development brought on by Jupiter might overshadow the inherent joys.

On the other hand, for those not currently employed, this influence is not non-existent.

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