Taurus Horoscope: Week of Sep 4-10, 2023

The planet of luck, Jupiter, is currently residing in your zodiac sign, Taurus. Jupiter magnifies everything you touch. Typically, when a planet resides in someone’s zodiac sign, it is believed that the destiny governed by that planet directly influences the individual. In other words, the expansive and growth-driven power of Jupiter is being poured directly onto you. From this May to next May, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s a once-in-12-years lucky year for Taurus.

As this week begins, this planet of luck, Jupiter, will start its retrograde motion. This retrograde will last for the remainder of the year, all the way until December 30. For Taurus, this week marks the first step into this retrograde journey. Before setting off on a journey, one must prepare meticulously. It’s essential to carefully choose what to take on the journey, ensuring ease of movement.

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