Leo Horoscope: Week of Sep 4-10, 2023

This week marks the culmination of the ‘Retrograde Season’. This is due to two significant events happening at the beginning of the week. Firstly, on September 3, Venus, the planet of ‘crush’, will end its retrograde motion. Secondly, on September 4, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, will begin its retrograde phase. With Venus and Jupiter switching their retrograde statuses, this pushes the Retrograde Season beyond its peak.

For Leo, Venus ending its retrograde is of immense significance. Currently, Venus is residing in Leo, your sign. Typically, when a planet resides in someone’s zodiac sign, it is believed that the fate governed by that planet pours directly onto that person. Amidst this backdrop, this week Venus ends its retrograde, hinting at a grand release for you. Especially for those who have felt a certain stagnation in their day-to-day lives,

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