Virgo Horoscope: Week of Sep 4-10, 2023

The sun, which determines the foundation of your daily fortunes, resides in your zodiac sign: Virgo. And this week can be called the peak of this “Virgo season.” Indeed, it’s “your season.”

Observing the movement of the planets this week, there are some events that may be of concern. For instance, the planet of fortune, Jupiter, will begin its retrograde motion, bringing the ongoing “retrograde season” to an even greater climax. The momentum of things tends to lean towards the past. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be interpreted as a slightly tricky time if you’re aiming for significant progress.

However, even in such circumstances, this week is when Virgo can strongly advance forward. The sun moves steadily and firmly through Virgo. This mirrors your determination to continue forward, even in challenging times. By mid-week,

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