Capricorn Horoscope: Week of Sep 4-10, 2023

Life is a series of journeys. Yet, the journey of life isn’t represented by a single line. Rather, it resembles nested journeys within a longer journey. For instance, there’s the overarching journey of life, within which there’s the journey of work. Within that, there are sub-journeys like working within an organization, mastering a specific skill, and learning about human relationships. It’s like countless journeys overlapping, constructing what we know as life.

Given this, we are always on the brink of some new beginning. Be it a journey of romance, work, daily life, family, hobbies, sports, or health. And regardless of the journey, preparations are necessary. It’s crucial to carefully choose what to bring along to ensure a smooth journey.

As this week starts, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, begins its retrograde. This retrogression lasts until December 30. For Capricorn,

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