Pisces Horoscope: Week of Sep 4-10, 2023

Retrograde is a period of adjustment for the fate governed by planets. Here, “adjustment” means realigning a fate that may have veered off its course or slowed down, ensuring it moves correctly. During the retrograde period, planets return to the past to adjust destiny. Just as you might correct a misaligned button, by returning to the past, the intention is to find the correct alignment of fate. This is the meaning of retrograde.

Currently, many planets are in retrograde. For people, and especially for Pisces, this “retrograde season” is a time when connections with the past become stronger. Memories of past relationships may resurface, or you might stumble upon a job you once engaged with, or perhaps catch a glimpse of a place you once lived on TV. Planets are rewinding the world, searching for the right future.

In the midst of this,

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