Aries Horoscope: Week of Sep 11-17, 2023

The line between boredom and stability is razor-thin. Or perhaps, they’re two sides of the same coin. Imagine two women sitting by a window on a rainy day. One might feel enveloped in tranquility and peace, listening to the rain, with the scent of tea wafting around her, reminiscent of a mother’s embrace. Meanwhile, the other woman might find this same environment utterly dull. For her, the sound of rain symbolizes a lack of adventure, and the aroma of tea merely emphasizes monotony, feeling more like a restricting cage. Just as these two women, in the same setting, perceive it differently, the interpretation of boredom and stability varies from person to person. It’s not so much about the external circumstances but deeply tied to one’s inner world. For Aries, the new moon on September 14 offers this insight.

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