Gemini Horoscope: Week of Sep 11-17, 2023

There’s a term called “psychological safety.” This refers to an environment or situation where mistakes are allowed and one feels secure. It’s akin to a “playground for the mind.” Unlike busy streets, in a playground, children can run around freely, invent new games, or collaborate with others. Even if they fall from the equipment, minor scrapes can serve as part of their growth. This “playground for the mind” represents a safe place that embraces our trials and errors. With such spaces available, people can be more creative, cooperative, and establish more open relationships. There’s comfort in knowing that it’s alright to fail. Consequently, when faced with challenging issues, a diverse range of perspectives and solutions are shared, allowing for better outcomes as a group.

The New Moon on September 14 is likely to grant such “psychological safety” or a “playground for the mind” to you, Gemini.

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