Libra Horoscope: Week of Sep 11-17, 2023

Think of it this way: when you glance at a clock hanging on the wall, the hour hand seems utterly still. Although the minute hand appears to be at a standstill, on closer observation, you notice it making subtle progress. Meanwhile, the second hand is in constant motion. In the same way, planets indicate our fate. The slower-moving planets, like Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, affect us subtly like the hour hand, often going unnoticed in daily life. In contrast, faster-moving planets, such as the Moon, Sun, and Mercury, directly influence our day-to-day ups and downs, much like the minute and second hands. Even if your everyday life feels as busy and fast-paced as the minute and second hands, it’s crucial to understand that this is part of a longer, more deliberate process akin to the hour hand’s steady progress.

On September 14, a New Moon will occur.

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