Cancer Horoscope: Week of Sep 18-24, 2023

This week brings a sense of relief, as if to say, “This was the right choice.” Especially if you’ve been delicately managing relationships or having numerous discussions, this bustling phase seems set to wind down this week. Observing the intentions of various individuals implies a direction for settling down. This can be seen as a victory brought about by your effort or patience. There might also be moments where the chaos converges into a single, harmonious voice.

On September 23, we welcome the First Day of Autumn (立秋). The equinox is the day when day and night are of equal length. In Japan, it’s also the midpoint of the period when this world and the next are believed to connect. The equinox represents a turning point when the world’s atmosphere changes, a time when, according to East Asian philosophy, Ying (陰) and Yang (陽) switch roles. Meanwhile, in astrology,

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