Libra Horoscope: Week of Sep 18-24, 2023

This weekend, on September 23, the equinox arrives. On this day, when day and night are of equal length, it’s also the middle day of Higan, a period in Japan when the worlds of the living and the dead are connected. And in Western astrology, on this sacred day, the sun moves into Libra. That’s right, this week marks the onset of “Libra season”.

The sun shines brightly upon you. Over a year, it traverses the 12 zodiac signs evenly, bringing seasons to the world and marking time for all. It generates a rhythm that might be called Earth’s own, setting the pace of daily fortunes. And this week, Libra is at the very heart of this groove.

It’s a time for you to sync with society’s heartbeat. The equinox sun greatly influences society, and the changes it brings about affect many. In the midst of this, for Libra,

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