Pisces Horoscope: Week of Sep 18-24, 2023

Pisces, this week, you are likely to experience a somewhat mysterious flow of events.

Come the autumn equinox on September 23, the star that shapes the foundation of your daily fortune, the sun, will shift its position among the planets. Pisces, you’ll be entering a new daily rhythm from this point. This rhythm will take you deeper inward, suggesting that the things you are involved in, like work, may show signs of stalling. However, this isn’t about stopping; instead of moving forward, it’s as if you’re descending deeper and deeper underground. This week, various vectors surrounding you will be directed inwards or towards the core. The external world’s presence will begin to fade, and your inner world will likely become a major focal point.

The autumn equinox is a moment when the length of day and night switches, and

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