For Aries: Venus Sheds Light on the True Meaning of Crushes (Nov 8 – Dec 4, 2023)

From November 8 to December 4, Venus, which brings “crush” and “excitement,” will stay in Libra. As Venus is the guardian planet of both Taurus and Libra, during this period, it moves in a place that can be called its “home.” When staying in this “home,” it’s believed that the power of the planet intensifies, making these 27 days a time when the strength Venus offers is even more enhanced. What Venus brings to Aries during this time is, in a word, “encounters.” These encounters can be with new people, but also new discoveries within existing relationships. The greatest enemy of human relations is monotony. While Venus is often said to govern romance, it does so by refreshing relationships, giving rise to feelings of “liking” and “crush.” Opposite of “liking” isn’t “disliking,” but “indifference” or “routine.” Venus, by rejuvenating various relationships, matters, and jobs,

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