For Taurus: Venus Sheds Light on the True Meaning of Crushes (Nov 8 – Dec 4, 2023)

From November 8 to December 4, Venus will stay in Libra. For Taurus, the theme seems to be “polishing everyday life and reviving its shine.” Due to Venus’s influence, while you passionately engage with something right in front of you, there’s an implication that you might unexpectedly find yourself in a distant world. Venus is often said to govern love, and that’s because it has the power to “refreshingly” revive the world. Even within a familiar daily routine or relationships taken for granted, Venus can instantly bring them back to life, introducing a newfound crush and excitement. The opposite of “liking” is not “disliking”, but “indifference”. Freshness breeds brilliance, and from that brilliance, sparkling love should emerge. Furthermore, Venus is the guardian planet of both Taurus and Libra. From November 8 to December 4, Venus is traveling through what can be called its “home”. When in this “home”, it’s believed that the power of the planet intensifies. Therefore, during these 27 days, the strength Venus brings will intensify even more. During this month, Venus will revive the everyday life of Taurus. This is the time to rediscover that the seemingly mundane days

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