For Gemini: Mercury Guides Your Communication Luck in Sagittarius (Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2023)

On November 10, Mercury will move into Sagittarius. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius until December 1, greatly influencing people’s communication. For instance, the speed of information might accelerate, and words may aim to reach farther.

For you, Gemini, it will be a time when “sincere words” are required. For about three weeks from November 10, this power will be bestowed upon you by Mercury.

These “sincere words” are what you throw at those you seriously need to confront. This could be in business negotiations with clients, discussions to avoid marital disputes, or confessions to make someone your romantic partner.

During this period, you might feel a stronger inclination to confront those you think you must take seriously. If you do face such individuals and need to communicate, approaching them with sincerity becomes crucial. This is because they might become

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