For Cancer: Mercury Guides Your Communication Luck in Sagittarius (Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2023)

Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into Sagittarius from November 10 to December 1. For Cancer, during this period, there seems to be a shift in everyday work communications. Moreover, this change feels natural, rather than something you’d have to strive for. If you’re not currently working, there’s a hint that your daily routine might change.

For about three weeks from November 10, Mercury brings change to your words, potentially setting things in motion that could greatly influence your destiny. As they say, “To change your fate, change your words.” When this period starts, you might feel that by changing your words, your way of thinking changes. When your mindset shifts, so do your actions, and when your actions change, so does your destiny. We often take our daily lives for granted and overlook what’s essential. Yet, it’s no exaggeration to say that what truly moves our lives are our “daily words” and “everyday actions.”

In fact, when the way you communicate at work or in private changes,

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