For Libra: Mercury Guides Your Communication Luck in Sagittarius (Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2023)

On November 10, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius until December 1, pouring its energy into people’s communication skills. During these approximate three weeks, Libra’s communication will be even more active than usual. One could say an aura emerges from your words, and thoughts, words, plans, and ideas will reach various places, permeating the hearts of many. The expression that words you emit naturally spread in all directions, circulating among people, fits perfectly.

Upon entering this period, influenced by Mercury, there’s a hint that group activities with friends and acquaintances will become vibrant, and work-related communication will flow smoothly. Additionally, crucial information might come flying in, and you might see benefits arising from networking activities like SNS.

Moreover, during these three weeks, other planets will also move into Sagittarius consecutively.

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