For Aquarius: Mercury Guides Your Communication Luck in Sagittarius (Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2023)

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Sagittarius on November 10 and remains there until December 1. During this time, various people and information tend to gravitate towards Aquarius. Simultaneously, your words have the power to reach far and deep places.

Your communication keyword for this period is “transparency.” This transparency refers to straightforward expressions and genuine feelings or ideas. Roundabout phrases or words that hide your true intentions will lose their strength during this period. Above all, it’s crucial to convey your thoughts clearly and simply.

Aquarius inherently has a clear and beautiful destiny. Spreading forthright words among people aligns with your fate. Especially over these three weeks, be mindful of this. Transparent words connect you to the world. For instance,

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