For Pisces: Mercury Guides Your Communication Luck in Sagittarius (Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2023)

On November 10, the planet of communication, Mercury, transitions into Sagittarius. Mercury will remain in Sagittarius for about three weeks until December 1, shaping the way people communicate and express themselves.

For Pisces, this period signifies a time when the words you release circulate powerfully among people. You may particularly feel that your statements in official or social settings, or proposals submitted at work, easily make their way through people. On the flip side, if you have felt underappreciated or overlooked, there’s an indication that the spotlight might once again shine on your past efforts. Rather than in romantic or friend relations, it seems Mercury will generate this flow mainly in professional, academic, or community-related interactions.

Put another way, it’s a time when words that previously didn’t reach the intended audience will now find their mark. If there were any past regrets or misunderstandings,

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