Gemini Horoscope: Week of Nov 20-26, 2023

With the Sun moving into Sagittarius on November 22, the ‘foundation’ of our daily fortunes shifts. This week, the atmosphere around us is likely to change drastically. The image of a diver ascending from the deep sea towards the sunlit surface, with increasing glimmers of light, aptly represents the week’s fortune. It’s a transition from the underground to the heavens, indicating a change in the stage where events unfold.

For Gemini, fortunes will shift accordingly. In a nutshell, from this week onwards, the Sun will start bringing ‘encounters’ into your life. Then on November 24, Mars, the planet of passion, will also move into Sagittarius, following the Sun and further bolstering these ‘encounters’. Your network, with you at its center, will start to connect, and

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