Virgo Horoscope: Week of Nov 20-26, 2023

The moment of relief is incredibly precious. When worries that have been causing anxiety finally come to an end, people experience a profound sense of relief. It’s not about gaining something positive, but rather the feeling of relief when a negative, a worry, is resolved. In those moments, people often feel immense happiness.

For Virgo, this week brings such reassurance. Particularly if you have been juggling human relations and engaging in various discussions, the busy and stressful state seems likely to begin settling down this week. As the intentions of different people become clearer, hints of the direction in which things should settle emerge. This can be seen as a victory brought about by your efforts or patience. You may also experience the moving moment when various noises converge into a single beautiful voice.

On November 22 this week, the Sun, which creates the ‘foundation’ of our daily life, moves into Sagittarius. Two days later, on November 24,

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