Scorpio Horoscope: Week of Nov 20-26, 2023

This week, on November 22, the Sun leaves your sign, signaling the end of the beautiful ‘Scorpio season’. However, this does not mean the end of your lucky period. Rather, you are entering a new phase. It might sound a bit dramatic, but now is the time to nurture what you’ve gained during the past month’s ‘Scorpio season’ over the course of the next year.

Astrology is the art of interpreting the positions of the planets as they orbit the twelve zodiac signs at their respective speeds. The Sun, which shapes the ‘foundation’ of our daily fortunes, takes 365 days to travel through all twelve signs. As the Sun moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius this week, it signifies for you a transition similar to a newborn baby weaning off breast milk and

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